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Mobile workshops

Merkuur has developed mobile workshops with the purpose of introducing young people the different professions, work practices, and tools of the metal and wood sector, and offering hands-on opportunity to test the work tasks associated with these professions in order to raise young people's career awareness and competitiveness in the fields of technology and engineering. Our company wishes to give young people the chance to gain real experience in the area of work connected to these professions through active participation. We are taking the mobile workshop with an instructor to young people.


Young people tend to not choose to study the professions in the metal and wood sector and rarely pick the career of an engineer, so the Estonian industry lacks qualified workforce. We bring the practical learning experience connected to entrepreneurship in the fields of technology to young people in order to expand young people's career awareness in choosing their future specialities.

The initiator and promoter of the idea of mobile workshops is Lauri Soosaar, who is a qualified product development engineer at TTÜ (Tallinn University of Technology) and has long-term international sales and production experience.

Brainhunt´s 5000 EUR special prize for social enterprise goes to Mobile workshops



Mobile workshops
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