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The Sermoon M1 is one of the most powerful printers Creality has created. It´s a industrial grade, high temperature printer with a lot of useful functions.x


  • Double casing for best thermal insulation
  • Water and air-cooled nozzles
  • Dual temperature control system, real time monitoring of temperature
  • Uniform results thanks to hot-air circulation
  • High power heat bed that reaches 150° in just 3 minutes
  • Power off delay
  • Constant temperature in filament chamber
  • Case cooling system
  • Large display with intuitive GUI


Creality Sermoon M1


Double casing for best thermal insulation

The whole printer has a double-layer casing which is very good for the thermal insulation effect.

High power heat bed

The heat bed is made from 6 mm aluminum. It can reach 150°C in just 3 minutes. The build platform is made crystal silicon glass with a nano-coating.

Water cooling

The cooling system works with both air and water. This provides the optimal cooling effect and makes sure that the temperature around the nozzle keeps at a steady temperature.

Temperature system

In the compartment for the filament the relative air humidity can be kept at 10-25% - this will ensure that the filament won’t be subjected to the damp air, which can result in failed prints and brittle filament.

Dual heating systems

The printer has a heated build chamber that can be set to 90°C. Thanks to infrared radiation and hot air circulation the heated chamber reaches temperature quick and provides the chamber with a “soft” heat that reaches every corner.

Power off delay

If there should be a power outage during printing the nozzle will automatically return to the X-axis zero before turning off the machine.

Case cooling

When printing with high-temperature materials, the top door cooling system can be activated. This system cools down the air between the two shells. This improves stability and service life of the equipment.





19 620,00€Цена
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