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the purpose is to give students an overview of the nature and necessity of welding, to understand the developments of technology and to create a connection between the history of technology and the achievements of modern science. To analyze the possibilities and dangers of welding, to integrate theoretical materials with practical assignments and solve real-life problems; to introduce possible further learning and career opportunities related to welding; to solve individual/ pair/group assignments related to welding.

The student:

  • Can see and understand natural science and technology connections and express their opinion on the development of technology and the working world.
  • Can choose and analyze technical and creative solutions and realize the effects and dangers of them.
  • Can choose the suitable materials, equipment and processing methods to put their ideas into life, also understands the importance of safe and economical usage of their materials.
  • Has an overview of the working opportunities and professions in the field in the past and present, know the further learning opportunities in the production and processing field.
  • Integrates the field of welding with other learning subjects and areas of life.
  • The length of the module should be two lessons 4x45 minutes) that include theoretical and interactive assignments + 1 practical hands-on assignment. 2x45 minutes for each module, that can be used in both school lessons and mobile solutions.

Name of learning subject in which module can be used: technology, career studies, business studies


  • General information:

definitions, introduction, history, interdisciplinarity, real-life connections (plastics, metals). Devices and safety information. Technology, the human and the environment. The importance and usage of welding. The future perspective and innovation of welding.

  • Technical information:

types of welding. Schemes and diagrams.

  • Future studies and career information:

being a welder, career and learning opportunities, company stories and fields of work.

Digital textbook "Welding"

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